ALTRUIS Foundation Indonesia (AFI) provides and broadens European – world wide community opportunities to travel through Internship – Voluntary Projects in Indonesia.

Volunteer Abroad

ALTRUIS Foundation Indonesia (AFI) is published on July 17, in 2012, is non-profit organization designed to recruit qualified European and world-wide donors or university students and graduates for taking a part of our internship and voluntary programs with our hosting organization located in Sukabumi - West Java - Indonesia. The projects not only assist and support the building of an under developing education community for regional inland or urban schools while learning and understanding this solidarity through our cross-cultural activities, but also make a wider opportunity for global interns or volunteer organizations in corporate with the humanity projects for sustainable education projects in our local community. Our Internship - voluntary projects is a fantastic and realistic opportunity to be responsible interns or volunteers or donors, make a positive and comprehensive humanity contribution.

Our voluntary – internship projects arise from the needs of the local community. Most projects are organized by ALTRUIS Indonesia and partner organization in Indonesia. Interns or volunteers work with us and our partners: non-profits, non-governmental organizations, or environmental and educational groups within local communities. In Internship – voluntary Projects, our organization expanded its hosting organization to include a wider range of institutions or schools in almost parts of the location. Either interns or volunteers would reach much easier relatively to obtain new challenges because they are firstly guided to familiarize them selves with the culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, environment and work scope prior to get in charge of. After initiating orientation days, intern or volunteer, for example, will teach/tutor English or be an instructor or assist in keep with intern or volunteer’s proficiency at a local school or local business partner projects. Intern or volunteer will be placed in a our local host organization either inland or urban community, where intern or volunteer will have the possibility to give a positive input into the interactive life being able to help sustainably comprehensive development to their careers or humanity projects for better future.

English Teaching, Communications and Interpersonal Skills, Intelligence, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Leadership, High-Energy Level, Maturity.

Experience Required:

This Program is open to:
American, European, Canadian, Australian and Worldwide Participants.

Who can volunteer or intern with us ? 
People having a wide opportunity and commitment to help the development of educational and business projects for cross - locally cultural community in Indonesia. We take kindly volunteers to welcome from least 18 years old. Therefore, should you travel and reach much easier relatively to obtain new challenges with our internship-voluntary project, we advise you to have commitment to our project or we firstly guide you to familiarize your ability with the different culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, environment and work scope prior to get in realistic and fantastic charge of.

Where do we work?
We are located in Sukabumi – West Java approximately 120 km from Jakarta, or about two and a half hour journey by car. This place is very easily accessible from Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung. Sukabumi is a cute city and one of regencies in West Java. Sukabumi is one of the largest areas in West Java, with the capital city of Pelabuhan Ratu and it has 47 sub districts. Most of our projects are located in Sukabumi but we are in the process to widen new projects across the Indonesian archipelago.


That Voluntary assignment not only has to be teachers on our teaching projects, but also your role in our organization practices and communicates what ability and experiences you have in accordance with the taken field. You could help our organization promote local products to your clients or our business partner in your country or to around the world through work mechanism you have understood of communication, collaboration, and professional development. Promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the project activities. At the schooling projects, volunteers only assist the implementation of Educational Programs for students and help their learning progress. Provide support for students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities. Typical work might provide activities for orphanage schools or working in a community garden or workshop. Volunteers can expect to work about 5 to 6 hours a day.

Placements are most of our projects, about 80%, short-term (2-3 weeks). There are also medium-term projects (1-3 months) and permanent projects (6 -10 months), offered all year depending on the project. If the placement length changes from what is listed, the longer or shorter length will be indicated in your suggested program. The Placement does not change no matter how long the placement may be agreed to be by the volunteer of ALTRUIS Indonesia and their Host.

Also known as short-term projects. Volunteers or interns live and work within partner organization for local business or school with people from 3 or more countries for a 2-3 week service project. Together volunteers also meet the needs of the local community while living like family and creating life-long, global friendships.

Volunteer on a project for 1-3 months within a local business community or school. You may have 1 or 2 other international volunteers or local volunteers with you during the project. This is a more individualized experience.

Individual Service Adventure/Gap Year Experience: 
This could be a combination of short-term projects to allow you to visit or focus on one location and culture.

Weekends usually involve cultural excursions or other group activities. Most projects welcome all types of motivated volunteers and do not require specific experience or skills to participate. We want our projects to be as accessible to all that want to spend time helping the world! Some projects especially have an additional fee payable on arrival to help subsidize the cost of the program for our partner organization. Volunteers arrange and pay for their own transportation for the project.

Provided accommodation for volunteers consist of Boarding House or host family without charge. Recommended arrivals for airport pickup from Jakarta or Bandung airport. All flight times acceptable. Facilities of 1 bed room, bath room, food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Internet access by wireless, Washing and Ironing, phone (if needed), TV, Transportation to work place, as well as cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Our hosting organization will locate intern or volunteer housing, identifying transportation options to/from the location, providing social and community activities, and other miscellaneous benefits. In areas where host employer does as much as possible to assist the volunteers or interns in locating suitable housing, you may also receive assistance in finding your own accommodation and food that suits your budget. It is either collected by ALTRUIS Indonesia on behalf of the host organization or paid in cash (in the specified currency) upon your arrival as set out in your detailed program..


Travel Costs: 
Participants could be relatively responsible for all travel costs. This includes travel to a location within your placement country that is serviced by public or private transport. This is where you will normally be met by your placement host. If a special meeting is needed (ie Airport Transfers), then the host may require their costs to be covered by the incoming volunteer.

Travel Insurance: 
To meet ALTRUIS Indonesia’s obligations to our Placement Hosts, ALTRUIS Indonesia’s volunteers are required to have Health and Accident Travel Insurance that will cover medical and evacuations costs.

Volunteers should ensure that they have adequate funds as general spending money, as well as access to reserve funds in case of emergency. The Suggested Program can only recommend what you should take

What is voluntary - Internship project about? 
Voluntary - Internship project is a way of good communication to make a worthwhile contribution to another country while simultaneously broadening your own academic or life experiences. We ALTRUIS Foundation Indonesia (AFI) have the strong commitment to create sustainable development projects for local communities and create unforgettable and realistic, unique experiences for our volunteers - interns. Voluntary – Internship project is more than just a simple travel, it is a commitment to our projects and to people who are less fortunately than you.

Our organization 
We are a non-profit organization that does not receive government funding or private donations, completely independent and not affiliated with any religious organization or groups, governments or other institutions that might influence our strategy. We are solely funded by the participant donations which we advise from our volunteers / interns / donors. The donations are used for interns - volunteers’ needs to cover administrative and development costs, the recruitment process, assistance with immigration and legal matters, airport take and pick-up arrangements included the placement process. We strive to keep these donors fund practically to enable more people to actively participate in ALTRUIS Indonesia Voluntary - Internship Placement Programs to create and run the projects in which our volunteers – Interns are working.

Global and Local partners 
Our voluntary – Internship projects arise from the needs of the local community. Our most projects cooperate with a number of selected local based NGO’s and schools. They are organized by ALTRUIS Indonesia. Our global partners are Bouworde Vlaanderen Belgium, TOPSII Ednovation International as the partner of International Education & Career Services, Corp. – America and the biggest local partners are Yayasan Tileng Foundation (the Natural school Baturraden – Central Java), English Centre Sukabumi for the program of TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language and official TOEFL score recipient agency in Indonesia for ETS - Educational Testing Service worldwide), Yayasan Almubarokatussaadilah, Jampang Tengah, Yayasan Al-Izz (Pondok Pesantren Traditional and Modern Boarding School, Sukabumi – West Java which strive to support the educational projects and communal plantation of young Indonesians by giving them voluntary – internship projects and job trainings. Together with these foundations we have created a number of projects in which our volunteers – interns are working. Our organization also expanded its hosting organization to include a wider range of other institutions / schools / universities and companies in almost parts of the location. Volunteers – interns would reach much easier relatively to obtain new challenges because they are firstly guided to familiarize them selves with the culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, environment and work scope prior to get in charge of. After initiating orientation days, volunteer / intern, for example, will teach/tutor English or be an instructor or assist in keep with intern - volunteer’s proficiency at a local school or local business partner projects (communal plantation). Volunteer or intern will be placed in a our local host organization, where volunteer / intern will have the possibility to give a positive input into the interactive life being able to help sustainably comprehensive development to their careers for better future.

Program Fees and Information 
Available for any period between 4 and 6 months
We don’t have to bear on volunteers’ charge.  We only advise volunteers to donate for our voluntary projects suitable with your abilities how much cost volunteers may donate (if possible, please tell us).

What is included in the program fee? 
Placement in a teaching program
Orientation upon arrival (2 days)
Local cultural introduction
Bahasa Indonesia language lessons (3 x 1 hour)
Airport Pickup
Regular follow-up meetings  
Organizational operation support
Recruitment process - Placement process

Apart from our fees, you must pay for: 
Your Journey to Indonesia, Vaccinations and Visas, Health Insurance, Transportation to the projects, Food and other personal expenses

Visa information 
In the respect of the visa requirements, let you know additional steps to get Indonesia Visa after you make decision as date of your voluntary – internship arrival schedule, and in the short time we will send you Reference letter of Organization / Foundation and Invitation Letter for you to consulate Embassy of Indonesia in your country to complete.

We are use to accepting Visit Visa of Social or Student Visa. You had better ask for Consulate Embassy of Indonesia in your country or in country where you resident now, so no worry As you know this visa is issued to applicants who are going to Indonesia for a social/ cultural visit, for example, visiting relatives or friends who live in Indonesia; visiting social organizations with the same type of activities; for exchange visits between educational institutions, carrying out research, and attending training program in Indonesia. This visa applies for all voluntary or Internship programs in Sukabumi. You have to apply before your arrival in Sukabumi at the Indonesian embassy in your home country.

There are no required vaccinations needed to enter the country but please consult your doctor before traveling. More information is available from the WHO's (World Health Organization) travelers health information site or traveler’s health information.

Terms & Conditions / Code of Conduct 
All volunteers or interns are required to read and agree to our terms and conditions before being accepted onto one our programs.

One of the conditions of entry onto our programs is that volunteers /interns have travel insurance. Most importantly the insurance needs to include medical treatment and repatriation in case of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. Volunteers / interns should purchase insurance independently and bring a copy of their insurance certificate with them for their local co-ordinator to check before starting their program.

You will get an ALTRUIS Foundation Indonesia (AFI) certificate stating the time and place you have been performing the project (if applicable the certificate will be signed by one of our project partners in Indonesia, depend on the location you were volunteering or interning).

Getting there 
Volunteers / Interns will be met at the international airport in Jakarta. A number of international airlines fly either directly to Jakarta, or via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. The Singapore based airline Air Asia also fly cheaply to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. There are also a number of Indonesian based budget carriers, although some of these have less that impressive safety records so are probably best avoided.

Please use our initial application form if you would like to apply for our programs.

Here are a few stories of Interns & volunteers experiences:

What a wonderful and amazing experience Holly and I had! This program was so great to volunteer for because it’s so incredibly flexible. We only had a week to volunteer, and our only skills were speaking conversational English, and yet they maximized our ability to help students. We worked with two different high schools, for busy days each. We met very enthusiastic and friendly students and we exchanged our cultures with them while practicing our English. Sukabumi is a cute little city, and our hosts were unbelievably kind and generous. We really felt like we became a welcomed part of this community after just a short stay. We wish we could have stayed longer and we will dearly miss the amazing people we met. 
 Hopefully we can come back and volunteer for longer next time.                                                                               
Lauren Hudson,
University of Washington, Seattle, USA

On behalf of the “Institute for Business Administration”, we would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have invested in her supervision. These past months have been an important part of Martyna’s professional development, and with your help and cooperation, she can feel much more confident in entering the business world. Should you have any future internships available, we would be pleased if you would consider our students from the Hogeschool Utrecht. We would like to develop a permanent relationship with your firm and our students.

Martyna Miller, Arlene Phelipa-Lopes,
HU Faculty of Economics & Management/service internship trainee, Netherlands

Internship of two months as a teacher for English & France Language assigned by Mr. Trenggana (ALTRUIS Indonesia) is an amazing impression. I taught for a few of schools and assistant for school clients performed during two months in 2011 (part of the education program at my business School). Create and participate to expand its hosting membership to include a wider range of institutions / schools / universities and companies in almost parts of the location. I am as one of interns for this Non-Profit organization – ALTRUIS could reach much more easily to obtain new challenges and develop my career experience as staying in Sukabumi-Indonesia for better future.

Arabella Coste.
Undergraduate Business School, Ecole de Management de Normandie, Caen,  France

Thank the association Altruis, I stayed with 2 different schools in Sukabumi, I really enjoyed the activities they planned for me and the hosts were really amazing, they took care of me all the time as I was their daughter!!I will definitely come back and stay with them a little more!!! As an enthusiastic and empathetic manager in my past profession, I know how ALTRUIS Indonesia to encourage and motivate me and people to achieve and how to communicate to others at different levels and ages. As a qualified teacher at present, thanks to a combination of multilingual, organisational and creative skills, I really enjoy researching new and innovative material and creating interesting situations to motivate and get students involved as my university career as an Interpreter & translator has given me a deep awareness and understanding of the kind of difficult ies & needs that new language learners can meet.                                                                   
Maria Piccirillo, United Kingdom

This organization is fantastic! Very organized and so friendly. I stayed at an amazing school. The family I stayed with became my own family for the time being and I felt very welcome. They’ll take you on a full cultural experience and introduce you to very interesting and nice people. And all the time the organization keeps in touch with you and checks in if you’re doing fine, that gives an extra feeling of security. Please, if you have any doubts about going, contact me and I’ll tell you all the details, because this change you don’t want to miss! Thank you again mister Trenggana- ALTRUIS Indonesia, I hope to see you all very soon.

Femke Maurits,
University of Utrecht, Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

Such shining, happy people! I am so grateful for getting to know and teach with loving people and genuinely enthusiastic young adults in Sukabumi and Bogor. Their generosity is unparalleled. I highly recommend. I love you all.                                                                               

Scarlet Cohen.
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and Spanish, United States.

I had a great time. Really friendly people and my host family was amazing! The students and the other teachers are very nice, I never tought that I will make so many good friends in such a short time. – Thank you very much for everything!

Gloria Cristine Ugovsek.
Wimo Klagenkurt (Vocational School for Occupation in the Service and Catering Industry, Austria).

I spent almost 2 months in Sukabumi and enjoyed it greatly! I was teaching in 3 different schools and each one of them was so welcoming and kind. I made friends that I will keep in touch and never forget. I wish to come back one day. Thank you very much Mr Trenggana, Mr Murtopo and his family and the most kind-hearted nuns and teachers.

Martina Stepankova. Magister's degree - graduated with title Mgr Masaryk University Brno, Special Education Studies, Czech Republic.

We had such a wonderful time in Sukabumi. Two weeks went by way to fast. Everybody - our host family, the students, the staff - was so nice and friendly and we made a lot of friends. We learned a lot about Javanese culture in a very short time and made great experiences. Our host family was wonderful. We became a part of this family for the time we stayed in Sukabumi. Teaching was great, the students participated and were so interested in everything, especially our culture.

Sandra Liermann. University of Applied Sciences W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt, M.A. Specialised Journalism and Economics  Corporate Communications, German

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